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In everything and everyone we encounter, without interruption, God gives us signals which show us what we need to do to move closer to Him. This encompasses what we need to do in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas. There are times when we go through difficult periods but we are able to see the ups and downs from a larger perspective of our full journey, and we know thatt he difficult period that we are in is temporary. As we learn to be aware of the signs He give us and we follow these with joy, even if we don't understand them, our life moves with great ease, the difficult periods become fewer, and the most amazing doors open to us. But when we are in a difficult period and unable to see this hard period from this larger perspective, we may have ignored and resisted the signs and paths He has presented to us. If we have resisted them, the signs become stronger --- He does not want you to go through a personal disaster for you to hear Him, but often this becomes the only way that He can get your attention. It is never too late. We can always move on the path that He has illumined, although it may initially seem like a scary choice. He will always provide the answers and the help. Life is meant to be easy and joyful --- we are the ones that make it difficult.

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